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Why a private safari is perfect and the safest trip to plan now

Yes, it is still a crazy world out there. Yes, we still need to take precautions as it might last for a while. Yes, it's time to start planning your next vacation!

Choosing the right kind of vacation, that YOU feel comfortable about, is the most important thing. You simply won't enjoy any kind of vacation, unless you feel safe, well taken care of, and get any worries you may have, removed before your trip. Hopefully this blogpost will give you the exact reassurance you need, why a private safari is the ultimate safe trip to book next.

Since our beginning, more than 95% of our trips have been private safari itineraries. The last 5% are group-Kilimanjaro trips, special expedition trips and a few fly-in safaris.

Covid or no Covid, we consider private safari trips as the best way to enjoy your safari experience regardless of the situation. But now, more than ever, private safaris are without a doubt the safest way to enjoy your wildlife experience in Africa. Here's why;

Private safaris are the safest choice by far

Many belive that the term "private safari" is equal to a more expensive and luxurious trip. You can surely make this statement true, by choosing over-rated luxury lodges. But in general this is not the true meaning for us, when we talk about "private safaris".

For us, it's all about a customised trip for you, your family and your companions on the trip. Not having to compromise on anything, just because a "stranger" sharing the same vehicle as you, are into a different experience than you. Having a private safari, means that you set the inclusion on the itinerary. You decide that route and attractions to include with your private safari planner. You set the pace and priorities every day out on safari with your personal safari guide. If you want to spend 8 hours one day, just looking for that ONE bird -that´s what you do.

Pre-package safaris in groups can be amazing if the itinerary is exactly like you want it (which it rarely is), if the schedule departure dates fit, the price is right and you are lucky to get the perfect co-travelers in your safari vehicle, that you share with others.....

We do not share our safari vehicles. You do not share YOUR safari vehicle. From the moment you start your safari adventure with us, YOU and your travel companions are in focus. You will have your own private guide, and your own safari vehicle throughout the whole safari!

Now, more than ever -this is the right way to do your safari travel. As long as you feel safe about those you chose to travel with, like your family and friends, you are good to go. Naturally we take all precautions based on the current situation, like strict rules and guidelines when it comes to hygiene, sanitisers, disinfections etc. But most importantly; you will be in your "own little closed environment", unless YOU chose to step outside the bubble we create for you.

Stay away from ready made charter safari-packages and group trips for now

We have always chosen small, non-commercialised safari lodges and camps for the atmosphere, location and personal follow up. In the current situation, using these camps are perfect, because it will limit the amount of people you have to encounter on your trip. No queue, no large "buffet", no tight hallways to your room/tent, no unwanted passengers in YOUR vehicle.

The same principles are valid on the beach-part of your trip. We only use private vehicles for transportation to and from your accommodation. No shared van or mini-buss. Unless you WANT a typical resort at your beach destination, we always recommend smaller more private and intimate hotels or bungalows. So the same basic principles are used here, like on safari.

Start planning early, travel when you feel ready

We are all different, and want different things on our holidays/adventures. We all have different views on our intimate-zone, and we all have different elements that makes us feel safe, comfortable and free of worries. So don't push your trip, unless you feel you have the right precausions and safety measures for YOU to feel good about traveling.

But planning should always start early to ensure you spend good time deciding what you really want and weighing options. And when you are ready to travel, we will be here, ready to offer you the most safe and secure way to explore Tanzania and Africa...

PS! If you want to know why a trip to Africa could make a world of a difference to both animals, the local population and how it can prevent a new outbreak in the world, check this out:

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