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           Welcome to us!

                   100% customized safari & beach adventures in Tanzania

Tanzania Explorer ® is a brand by Old Explorer Ltd. (official TALA Licensed company), and is a local Tanzanian safari company, owned and run by Norwegians & Tanzanians. The brand was formally introduced in 2010. Our head office is located at Kawe Beach in Dar es Salaam, and we have an outpost office on Zanzibar as well as Hoedspruit in South Africa. 

We specialize in tailor-made trips to each customer with personalized service, both before and during your adventure – at no extra cost. All people connected to Tanzania Explorer have traveled all around Tanzania to ensure the competence required to assist all travellers with in-depth knowledge and advice. We have wood several awards for our focus on customer satisfaction.


We have pre-qualified and highly skilled agents across Europe & America to assist our travelers, in addition to expertise within wildlife photography. The local team probably consists of some of the most knowledgeable native Tanzanian guides with lifelong experience in what this beautiful country has to offer.

For us, arranging trips to Tanzania is a lifestyle. The result is that we are always available for you if you have any questions, and we have no set "office hours". We acknowledge the fact that the most likely time for you to plan your trip is either in the evening, or on a weekend when a normal office is closed. You are always welcome to call us when it is most suitable for you.

We are looking forward to customize your dream vacation to Africa and Tanzania.

Karibu Africa! (Welcome to Africa in Swahili)

"We put our pride, heart and soul into the operation to ensure full satisfaction from our travelers!

Meet The Main Team


Founder & Safari Planner


Head of Operation & Safari Planner



Head of Zanzibar Operation



Wildlife conservation & sustainability



Ass. Operation Manager



Explorer Villa Hostess



CFO & Office Manager



Head Safari Guide



Head Safari Guide


Safari Planner


Safari Planner

World Team

Apart from the main team, we have a number of ambassadors and agents throughout the world that helps, guides and promotes Tanzania Explorer.

To be able to promote and act as planner, agent or ambassador for Tanzania Explorer, we require that they have actually been to Tanzania and the areas they promote – to ensure that you receive qualified advise.

Together we travel non-stop around the country, constantly looking for hidden gems, trying out new roads, qualify lodges and hotel and explore!

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to see how we can help customize your dream trip.


If you want to be assigned to the closest agent to you, please get in contact with us on

We are Tanzania Explorer

and we would love to show you Africa!

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Why travel with us

Why travel with us

Probably the single most important reason why you should choose us is because we are no ordinary travel agency that just book the trip for you, send you the tickets and wish you a pleasant journey. We want to be with you every step of the way and assist and guide you in the planning, in order for you to get just the African experience you are looking for!

Africa does not work like any other continent. An example is the information you find online about the accommodations or other information you might come across on different webpages. This information is not always accurate or tells the whole truth. Since we have our home base in Tanzania, we have unique local knowledge, accurate and up to date!

To the extent it's possible, we pre-qualify both trips and lodges ourselves, so that the customers can feel completely safe on what's to expect on the trip, and be as prepared as possible. We also provide extended preparation-documents with all information you would need for your upcoming vacation.

We are there, available, and “on call” for all our customers throughout their whole journey while in Tanzania. For us, providing a trip to Tanzania is a question of personal pride of meeting each customer’s expectations for their trip!

Our specialty is custom-made trips, safari and adventure packages to suit your exact requirements at a price that is guaranteed to cost you less than if you booked through a normal travel agency! In addition, our team knows Tanzania like no other and they cannot wait to share their passion and knowledge with you!

The affordable choice

  • We are a Tanzanian based company. This means that we don't have a big administration that requires salary in Europe or other parts of the world, which would increase the cost

  • Since we operate from Tanzania, we have in most cases a far better rates on both safari adventures and accommodation. Not only compared to ”normal” travel agencies, but also cheaper prices than what you would get if you booked accommodations yourself

  • Buying airline-tickets yourself is really easy today. If you buy the tickets yourself, you can save a lot of money. We have no intentions of earning money on your flights, so you get all the savings by doing this yourself. We do however assist you in finding the cheapest/best tickets, for free of course

  • When the tickets/travel dates are set, we adjust and customize your trip to fit the plane-tickets, not the other way around, and at no extra cost!

The safe choice

  • Our company is solid and well run, we have a principal of not acquiring any debt or taking loans

  • When it comes to trusting a company, the company you book with should have immense knowledge about the area you want to visit, to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. We have chosen to specialize at the one destination that we feel gives you the very best of Africa – Tanzania

  • We have personnel for your assistance locally, available at all times for our travelers

  • To be honest, Africa does not operate like most other places in the world. That is something that needs to be taken highly into consideration, especially when it comes to time. We take care of you from the moment you land in Tanzania, until your trip is finished and you are at the airport on your way back home. We are with you every single step of the way

  • To the extent it's possible, we visit and approve all hotels and lodges ourselves, for your safety and trust!

We go the extra mile

  • We have local and in-depth knowledge about Tanzania, because we are based there. Not only ”catalogue” or second-hand information

  • For us it is important to customize the trip to YOUR needs and standards. People want different things and that is why we don´t provide ”standard” packages/trips. Not only do we customize the trip, we will advise you where to go and how to get the best flow, adventure and experience to your budget and requirements

  • We provide our trips with the heart, not only by a business budget. We know that if you are truly happy with the trip and the experience we provided, you'll recommend us to others as well. That's when we have truly succeeded! This is not another job for us – it's our lifestyle

  • It is important for us that the locals have opportunities and benefits from tourism. As a result of this, we try to give you an authentic experience and not a ”resort-based” trip

  • It's personal – we deliver!

Amreft Flying Doctors

Extra insurance

As an extra service we offer AMREF Flying Doctors insurance on included in your trip.


AMREF Flying Doctors provides air evacuation services in medical emergencies across East Africa, as well as air ambulance transfers between medical facilities. We provide air ambulance services and operate across many East African countries including Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. AMREF Flying Doctors operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You are covered with us from the moment you land, until the time you depart back to your home country. While on safari, on Zanzibar or any other remote place we take you for that matter.


To ensure this is valid on your trip, you need to provide us with your travel insurance company and policy number. This is done on our "Traveler Details" form that you receive in your confirmation email from us.


Recommendations is the largest informationpad on safari experiences in Africa, and this is where our company get´s rated and where our travelers review us. On this site your are able to reach out to our previous travelers to get their opinion about our company, and how we performed on their trip.

We are very proud to say that since the very beginning we have only had 5 stars reviews, and this is also how we grow out business; because high customer satisfaction from each individual traveler provides us with the best marketing we can wish for.

Values, vision & mission


Values, vision and mission




“ To become the highest ranked safari company in Tanzania

when it comes to customer satisfaction and create organic growth

through word-of-mouth from satisfied travelers ”



“ Through extreme focus on each individual customers needs and wishes,

combined with unparalleled local knowledge -we will provide a path to

unique trip-combinations and the hidden “gems” our destinations provide.


Our company will show the utmost respect for nature and towards the environment

in which we operate. We will create a strong local profile and engaging social

responsibility that creates opportunities for the locals as well as development for

all employees and resources connected with the company. We are explorers ”

Our values and what we provide:


S afe travel

L ife changing trip

O pportunities for the locals

W ildlife experience


...S L O W  – is the life in Africa!


"We customize each individual travelers itinerary without any additional cost.


"Traveling with a local company that knows the areas, lodges and hotels provided, is the most importance insurance you bring on your trip

                 Social projects & involvements

For us it is important to give something back to this fantastic country and it's people, for letting us provide trips and activities in Tanzania. Wherever it's possible we try to use “local options” to support the local communities in the trips & packages we create, without effecting the quality of the trip.

20% of our earnings goes back to the country as a direct funding to different local projects.

Apart from our 20% rule, we arrange fundraising Kilimanjaro-trips, support schools with supplies as well as sporting equipment’s. We have a special relationship with the village of Makunduchi on Zanzibar. This project involves a football team (Makunduchi Center Boys), who we are supporting with jerseys, shoes and all sorts of football equipment. We are currently also preparing a project where we are building a new football field for them and we have built a well in the village. In Makunduchi we have also built a well for the local community.

We are also focusing on education and try to provide secondhand laptops and other technical equipment which is hard to come by (financially) for the community. But most importantly; we have so many young girls and boys doing fundraiser at their schools back in their home country to support especially the village of Makunduchi prior to their trip to Tanzania. THIS is truly amazing!

Since 2020, we have been building a recycling container to help clean up the beaches around our Explorer villa in Dar es Salaam. This is a project we are doing together with NITO and Engineers without Borders. This project will also provide work for people in our local community who struggle to get other kind of employment. 

For more information about our ongoing projects, please contact us -we would love to share it!

20% of our earnings goes unabridged to fund local projects and we call them SHER:

Sport Health Education Recycling

Read more about our projects here

Amazing projects we love & thank for their efforts in Tanzania

Ruaha Carnivore Project


Important work with the co-existance between carnivores & humans



Important work with co-existance between elephants & humans



Employing disabled people who produce amazing crafts


Success! Message received -we´ll get back to you shortly! :)

+255 712 030 965  HQ Dar es Salaam (TZ)

+255 655 46 9528  Zanzibar Office (TZ)

+27 76 79 4550  Hoedspruit Office (SA)

+47 48 400 911      Int. Sales Office


Get in touch, we´re almost always available! :)

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