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The Wild West

The most remote destinations in Tanzania with chimpanzee-trekking

This journey will take you through some of the remote areas in western Tanzania, which receives very few tourists, and would most definitely be defined as hidden gems by most.

You will start your adventure in the outskirts of the largest city in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. In most cases flying in and out of Dar es Salaam for you international flights will be the cheapest option. Here you will spend 2 nights at the Explorer Villa, located in a peaceful area with just a hundred meters to the beach. You will meet the Tanzania Explorer team who has created every part of your journey, and they will prepare you for what’s to come. During your stay here, you will have the opportunity to have a full beach day (or two) before your safari starts. A short boat ride away from the villa, you will find the amazing islands of Bongoyo and Mbudya that will satisfy even the most picky beach travelers.


Your true adventure with start with a flight from Dar es Salaam to the far western city in Tanzania, called Kigoma. This is where Henry Morton Stanley met Dr. Livingstone, in a place called Ujiji. We will take you straight to the harbor, where your boat awaits, ready to take you into Gombe Stream, made famous by Jane Goodall with her chimpanzee research.

Here you will spend the first two nights of your journey, at a remote beach with chimpanzee-trekking in the morning, and lazy (or active) afternoon by Lake Tanganyika. The second largest lake in the world in volume.

The journey continues back to Kigoma, where you will spend the night, before we start on a road trip down to Katavi National Park.


Katavi is a true game-drive paradise, but not visited by many, due to its remote location. This is one of the best parks to see predators hunting, and with only a few visitors per day, you are guaranteed to spend a lot of time alone in this true wilderness. The amount of lions and buffalo makes for quite the spectacle when they set off into furious duels, with theirs lives as stake. Expect to see more action as the drought increases (Aug-Oct), the shrinking waterholes forces animals down to the rivers and tension starts to rise. Katavi is really like traveling back in time, before the typical “safari traveler” started exploring. After 4 nights with plenty of game-drives and walking safari, it is time to move back to Lake Tanganyika for some relaxing fresh-water beach holiday.


The beach lodge provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness the enchanting beauty of Lake Tanganyika. Relax in the luxury chalets built at the shore, join in on once-in-a-lifetime adventures & activities, treat yourself to luxurious spa treatments and indulge in delicious cuisine. This is probably one of the most remote beach-locations anywhere in Africa.

After your beach-holiday at Lake Tanganyika, we will take you to the nearest airstrip for your flight back to Dar es Salaam. Here you can either connect directly to your home destination, or spend a couple of days in the Explorer Villa at the end.

the basics about this trip

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6500-8000 USD per person

Ex. based on 4 pax together

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Safari days

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Total length of trip

All trips are customised to standard and budget

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