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Northern Tanzania classic bucket-list safari

The bucket-list trip to the most famous safari destinations

This journey will take you through the areas that have made Tanzania the most famous and complete safari destination in the world, including the Ngorongoro Crater and the famous Serengeti!

You will start your adventure with 2 nights in the Explorer Villa in Dar es Salaam. Here you will meet the Tanzania Explorer team. During your stay here, you will have the opportunity to have a full beach day (or two) before your safari starts, at the amazing islands of Bongoyo and Mbudya that will satisfy even the most picky beach traveler's.


We will then fly you to the northern side of the country where your safari guide will be waiting for you at arrival. Your first safari-destination and the warm-up safari will be Lake Manyara where you will spend half a day. In the early afternoon, we head for the Ngorongoro Crater, where you will spend the night at the crater rim, looking directly down into this jaw dropping scenery that is waiting for you in the morning.

Early next day you will be one of the first vehicles down in the crater, to ensure you beat the crowds that are sleeping outside of the crater. You will then have ¾ of the day inside the one of the 7th natural wonders of the world. In the early afternoon, we will start on our journey in to Serengeti National Park, with a stop at a maasai village if you like.The camp that we will chose for you, will depend both on your budget, as well as the time of the year you are going.


Some areas are more preferable than others at certain times of the year; to ensure you are both close to the action, as well as avoiding the highly touristy areas of the Serengeti. You will spend 4 nights inside the Serengeti, which will give you 3,5 days of activities and game-drives. This is the recommended length, for you to have a stress-free safari, and give you the best chances of having many wonderful animal-encounters on the savannah.


After 6 wonderful days out in the wild, we will fly you from Serengeti to the spice-island of Zanzibar. You will be taken to the south-eastern part of the island, to enjoy 5 wonderful days at a beach that has not been consumed by mass-tourism yet. We have our own operation of Zanzibar as well, which will take care of all your transfers as well as being stand-by on any activities you would like here, if you get tired at laying at the white sandy beach all day.

You will round off the trip in the historical capital of Stone Town, where you will spend your final two nights, to enjoy the culture, culinary experiences as well as a good history lesson of the island. You can either fly home directly from Zanzibar, or we will take you back to Dar es Salaam for a final night in our Explorer Villa where your journey started.

the basics about this trip

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4500-6500 USD per person

Ex. based on 4 pax together

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Safari days

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Total length of trip

All trips are customised to standard and budget

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