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Mini safari and beach

For those who wants a dash of safari with a longer beach stay with price in focus

This journey will take you on a road trip through some of the less touristy and rural parts of Tanzania, with incredible diversity, both when it comes to landscape and topography as well as activities.

You will start your adventure in the outskirts of the largest city in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. In most cases flying in and out of Dar es Salaam for you international flights will be the cheapest option. Here you will spend 2 nights at the Explorer Villa, located in a peaceful area with just a hundred meters to the beach. You will meet the Tanzania Explorer team who has created every part of your journey, and they will prepare you for what’s to come. During your stay here, you will have the opportunity to have a full beach day (or two) before your safari starts. A short boat ride away from the villa, you will find the amazing islands of Bongoyo and Mbudya that will satisfy even the most picky beach travelers.


You will start your road trip down to the largest wildlife are in Africa, covering more than 53 000 km2 in total. In 2019, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Selous Game Reserve (pronounced “Seloo”) was split in two, creating a new national park with the name of Nyerere National Park. On the way down, we will make a stop at a Maasai village for you to know the culture of this ancient tribe. You will spend the night at a small private camp, located with amazing view over the mighty Rufiji River. The following morning we will take you on a half day boat safari up the river, to get “up close and personal” with the hippos and crocs in the area, and possible bigger game as well. Lunch will be served inside the park, and you finish the day with half day game drive. The following morning, you will have a full day game-drive inside the reserve. In the morning before you leave for your beach vacation, you can have an early morning walk by the river.


We will have a road trip back to Dar es Salaam, where you international flight to the Comoros waits. The flight is only just over an hour, and you will land in this volcanic island group which is not known by many. Comoro Islands is a volcanic island group, that consists of 3 major islands and numerous smaller islands. It used to be part of the French colonial empire and received its independence in 1975. We will then have a smaller plane waiting for you, to take you to one of the most remote beach destinations, anywhere in Africa. The marine life here is from another world! Whether you like diving or snorkeling, this is your paradise. This island group is almost free of tourists, and you will feel that you have reached the end of the world. Enjoy lazy days in this tropical paradise, hike the volcano, join the turtle hatching or spend the days enjoying the water world.

At the end of your stay, we will take you back to the main island, either by boat or flight, for your international return to your home country!

the basics about this trip

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2500-3500 USD per person

Ex. based on 4 pax together

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Safari days

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Total length of trip

All trips are customised to standard and budget

Tanzania Explorer background_edited_edited.png
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